We own and live in Burnt Store Marina year-round and know the special needs your Condo or Home requires. We have access to fast handyman services and will make sure if something does go wrong, we'll be here to make sure it gets fixed! We can send an email or text updates with pictures after every visit.

You know who we are and where we are!

We are your eyes, ears and nose when you're away from your winter home. We use the best learned practices for Condos and Homes in Burnt Store Marina and back it up with

Bonding and Insurance!

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Burnt Store

Home Services

We treat your home like it was ours!

Pest and Mold Checks

Air-Conditioning Check

All Appliances Inspected Inside and outside visual inspection

Check Pool or Spa if applicable

Change filters as requested

Run water and flush toilets regularly

Check windows and doors

Water indoor plants if requested

Start automobile if requested

Custom needs accommodated